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A server owner's top priority should be security. More downtime, sluggish server performance, hacked websites, and spam are all possible consequences of inadequate server security. Worst case scenario: your server is used to attack other servers.

Do you wish to reduce server load? How about 100% server uptime and happy clients? Do you want a fast server?

We've got the answers you're looking for.

With Incubix's servers, you will have a dedicated team working to ensure your complete satisfaction. Because you want to fix the issues and improve your server's performance, uptime, and security for your clients. If you secure your server with us, you will have satisfied clients, and you will be able to spend more time concentrating on your business and knowing that your server is under good care.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are great for major enterprises, online malls, and resellers/presence providers. The administrator can regulate account creation, application installation, user modifications, and data backups. Running your own Dedicated Server with Incubix is cheaper than other web hosting packages. All hardware has been thoroughly tested and secure and optimised from the kernel to the software.

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All you have to do with our server setup is obtain more clients, set up the client account

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International VPS

Your virtual private server (VPS) is now can be fully manage by us. Fully managed means you don't have to worry about your VPS's software or security. We will optimise, secure, and update your VPS. We will resolve software or security flaws that prevent sites from working. You have full root access to your VPS if you want to change the settings or install software.

With Incubix's servers, you will get 100% satisfaction. We guarantee rapid read and write data, fast cpu processing, and fast memory access.

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